India My Love

Api swarnamayi lanka
Name lakshmana rochate |
Janani Janma Bhoomishcha
Swargadapi Gareeyasi ||

After winning the war against Ravan… Lakshman asks his elder brother Ram, “Bro this lanka is so beautiful and full of Gold, why can’t we stay here itself ? ” then Sree Ram answers “Dear Lakshman… though Lanka looks precious and beautiful, remember Mother and Motherland are more precious and beautiful than Heaven”.Those were the days of Britishers, ruling my country. The early years of 20th century. Lot of freedom movements were happening all over India. The only intention of every Indian was to kick the British out and make my motherland free.

The same freedom movement was happening in Hangal, a small town near Karwar dist. of Karnataka. A rally was organized against the arrival of a British officer Gibb. People of all ages came for the protest-rally. As soon as the rally started, police started lathi-charge against the mob and stated firing from their pistol. The entire mob dispersed in minutes. But a five year kid did not move a bit. He stood all alone in the midst of the road & started screaming loudly “Vandemataram…. Vandemataram”.

By the same time Gibbs came and was provoked by this kid. Gibbs stepped down from his car and slapped him. Kid fell down  But he kept shouting “Vandemataram”. Gibbs slapped him again. But the kid din’t stop shouting the slogan. Gibbs got irritated and moved away from the place. The kid kept saying the slogan “Vandemataram”. Others were stunned by the kid’s bravery. That kid was Eshwar Dixit ( My Grand father).

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